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My name is Sigmund Freud

„I started my professional activity as a neurologist trying to bring relief to my neurotic patients. Under the influence of an older friend and by my own efforts I discovered some important new facts about the unconscious in psychic life, the role of instinctous urges and so on. Out of these findings grew a new science psychoanalysis, a part of psychology, and a new matter of treatment of the neuroses.

In the end I succeeded in acquiring pupil and ending up in an International Psychoanalytic Association. But the struggle is not yet over.“
„Im Alter von  zweiundachtzig Jahren verließ ich als Folge der deutschen Invasion mein Heim in Wien und kam nach England, wo ich mein Leben in Freiheit zu enden hoffe.

My name is Sigmund Freud.“

Recorded 7.12.1938, BBC London

Redaktion CD, 2013