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Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association

In 1994, Istanbul Psychoanalytical Group was founded as the first psychoanalytical group in Turkey. The Group by continuing its development and change, has been the pioneer of the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association, the first psychoanalytical association in our country founded in 2001. In January 2007, the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) recognized the four founders’ committee of the association as “Turkish Psychoanalytical Study Group”. And in July 2012, Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association has been recognized as a “Provisional Society”. Thus, for the first time in Turkey, a psychoanalytic association could participate to the International Psychoanalytical Association that had been established by Sigmund Freud. 

Preparations for foundation

The founding date of the first Turkish Psychoanalytical Group is summer 1994. It is the date when Talat Parman decided to return to Istanbul after spending six years in Paris. He stayed in Paris for his residency in psychiatry and his psychoanalytical training. Before returning to Istanbul he finished his personal analysis and started his training in the Psychoanalytical Institute of Paris Psychoanalytical Society.

His aim was to start the first psychoanalytical group in Turkey and join the International Psychoanalytical Association in the future. Before his return he obtained the support of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society to found a psychoanalytical group. In 1994, he was the first in Turkey who had followed a psychoanalytical training. Initially he met some colleagues who wanted to become psychoanalyst; all of them were French speaking. Some of his colleagues were analyzed in France but had not yet started their psychoanalytical training. Some others had not been analyzed. He encouraged all his colleagues to start their training at the Psychoanalytical Institute of Paris Psychoanalytical Society. With his proposition, they called their group “Istanbul Psychoanalytical Group”.

On the other hand, because Talat Parman occupied an academic position at Istanbul University; this position gave him the possibility to obtain the support of local institutions, the Psychiatry Department of Medical Faculty of Istanbul University and the Psychology Department, and also the Turkish Neuropsychiatry Association, to organize conferences for initiating psychiatrists and psychologists in psychoanalytical theory and practice.

And finally, he obtained the financial support of the cultural service of the French Embassy in Turkey. An agreement was signed between Istanbul Psychoanalytical Group, the Paris Psychoanalytical Society and the French Embassy. This support gave them the possibility to regularly invite French training psychoanalysts, members of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society, to Istanbul to achieve the theoretical training of the members of the group and to give conferences for other colleagues interested in psychoanalysis. Many missions were planned during a year. Each mission contained a clinical and theoretical psychoanalytical work with members of the group, and a conference in the Departments of Psychiatry and Psychology of Istanbul University.

First years     

After this agreement, from 1995 to 2001, thirty missions were realized; twenty of them were accomplished by Dr Bernard Penot from Paris Psychoanalytical Society. Others were realized by Jean Jose Baranes, Bernard Brusset, Jean Cournut, Paul Israel, Florence Guignard, Alain Fine, Claude Janin, Martine Janin-Oudinot and Gilbert Diatkine from the same institution. This collaboration with the consulate of France is still continuing, and cooperation with cultural services of other consulates like Spain, Italy, Israel and Austria was added to this.

The members of the group, except Talat Parman who was already in training, started their training. The first members started in 1995, others in fallowing years. They went to Paris regularly, one visit a month at minimum, for their personal analysis (shuttle analysis) and individual supervisions and also for participating in seminars. This effort was very successful, six members of this first group finished their training and they became members of IPA, and one is still continuing. They form the first psychoanalyst generation in Turkey.

On the other hand, conferences given by these colleagues were very successful and played a very important role in the expansion of psychoanalysis in Turkey. After these activities, many colleagues, psychiatrists and psychologists decided to start their personal analysis. They were analyzed by the members of the first psychoanalyst generation of Turkey. And actually they continue their psychoanalytical training with Turkish Study Group.

In 1999, some of the members of the group planned to publish the first psychoanalytical review of Turkey: Psychoanalytical Writings. The first issue of which was published in spring 2000 and also a collection of psychoanalytical books was created. At the same date the first International Psychoanalytical Meeting of Istanbul was organized. This Meeting is one of the most important psychoanalytical events in Turkey.  Very important psychoanalyst all over the world participated at this meeting. Others activities, conferences, seminaries and workshops were organized since 2001 by the group.

The creation of this group was crucial for the development of psychoanalysis in Turkey. Up to this date, everyone who wanted to become a psychoanalyst was obliged to go abroad. It is the first time a psychoanalytical group was founded with the aim of associating with the International Psychoanalytical Association.

Recent events

At the beginning, the group was formed by Talat Parman, Tevfika Tunaboylu-İkiz, Bella Habip, Stella Ovadia and Nesim Bitran. During the second year Ayça Gürdal and Levent Kayaalp joined the group, and two years after Elda Abrevaya joined them. The first group continued up to 2000. At this time Bella Habip, Stella Ovadia and Nesim Bitran decided to leave the group at the point where the other members wanted to create a psychoanalytical association with the aim of regulate the legal situation of the group in front of the Turkish laws.

The year after, the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association, the first psychoanalytical association in Turkey, is created with participation of some colleagues from MEPEV founded by Professor Ulviye Etaner. Dr Etaner is an emeritus professor of Child Psychiatry in Istanbul University and psychoanalyst trained in Berlin, but she had never been member of IPA.

In January 2003, the executive committee of the association wrote a letter to the President of the IPA to ask for support and guidance to the International Psychoanalytical Association in providing psychoanalytical formation for our members. This solicitation gave a very positive result and the board of the IPA decided to create the Turkish Supervisory Committee. And, when the Turkish Supervisory Committee of IPA was founded at the end of 2003, the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association was supporting actively the functioning of this committee.

In 2000, Talat Parman became a member of Paris Psychoanalytical Society, in 2005 Tevfika Tunaboylu-İkiz and Elda Abrevaya, in January 2006 Levent Kayaalp and finally in 2008 Ayça Gürdal-Küey became a member.

Finally, in February 2006, the four members of the group, all are members of Parisian Psychoanalytical Society, Talat Parman, Tevfika Tunaboylu-Ikiz,  Elda Abervaya and Levent Kayaalp wrote a solicitation letter to the president of the New Groups Committee of the IPA to become a study group. A site visiting committee, formed by Gemma Jappe (chair), Dieter Bürgin and Guillermo Bodner was appointed and this committee came to Istanbul on 25th and 26th of November 2006. And, at its meeting in New York in January 2007, the IPA‘s Board approved the Turkish Psychoanalytical Group for IPA Study Group status.

On May 2007 the IPA Turkish Sponsoring Committee has been appointed to the Turkish Psychoanalytical Study Group. The composition of that committee is as follows: Antonino Ferro (chair), Gemma Jappe and Savvas Savvopoulos. ,

And finally the board of the IPA decided to recognize the Istanbul Psychoanalytical Association as a “Provisional Society” on July 2012.


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