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Psike Istanbul has been approved as the Study Group of Turkey of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), thereby confirming the international accreditation of its training program.
The primary mission of the Study Group is to provide psychoanalytical training based upon a legitimate foundation, sustain international ties and relationships, and establish its own language, while bearing in mind the theoretical and cultural diversity of these connections.

İstanbul Psychoanalytic Association for Training, Research and development was founded in 2003 with the aim of promoting and advancing psychoanalysis throughout Turkey, as a theory that explores the psychic mechanism; a methodology that investigates psychological processes; a form of treatment built upon this methodology; and a tradition that transmits this knowledge from generation to generation. 


Pınar Limnili, President
Nilgün Taşkıntuna, Vice-president
Mine Özgüroğlu, Secretary  General
Sevil Kural, Treasurer
Refhan Balkan, Member

Sibel Mercan
Yavuz Erten
Işın Sayın

Ayla Yazıcı, Scientific Committee Coordinator
Yavuz Erten, Outreach Committee Coordinator
Berrak Ciğeroğlu, Educational Committee Coordinator
Yeşim Korkut, Ethics Committee Coordinator
Işın Sayın, Organizing Committee Coordinator
Yavuz Erten, Publishing Committee Coordinator
Gülgün Alptekin, Admission Committee Coordinator
Nilgün Taşkıntuna, Progression Committee Coordinator

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER of  Psike İstanbul
Membership in Psike Istanbul is available to members of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) or candidates undergoing training in institutions affiliated to IPA.

Executive committee members can be contacted via:
Pınar Limnili pinarlim@superonline.com
Nilgün Taşkıntuna nilguntaskintuna@hotmail.com
Refhan Balkan refhanbalkan@yahoo.com
Mine Özgüroğlu ozguroglu@turk.net
Sevil Kural sevilkural@yahoo.com
Study Group of Turkey : Psike Istanbul


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